Cultureshock is a diverse collective of writers engaging with contemporary culture (music, film, literature, games, visual arts, etc.) from our Christian identity. We have a deep passion for Christ and a soft spot for cultural products that move us. Beauty deserves attention.

We do not claim to be authorities on either cultural or spiritual issues. Nor do we offer a monolithic viewpoint. Every article and review is written from the personal perspective of the individual author. It is the diversity in our editorial team that brings flavour to our reviews. For example, it would be perfectly possible and maybe even interesting to have two opposing reviews on a certain movie.

We do not wish to offer exhaustive conclusions to our readers, but rather tease and encourage them to engage themselves. With our articles and reviews we want to create a framework for our readers, so they become better informed and able make their own choices. Think of us as a cultural Lonely Planet; informative and packed with good suggetions, but the responsibility to finally plan the most amazing trip lies with the reader. That’s what CULTURESHOCK is all about.

Bon voyage!