Warrior on Wheels

Seen on July 11, 2015 @ National Arts Festival, Grahamstown

Once upon a time warriors were roaming the earth, living among the humans yet disguised not easy to be recognized. Only when you had eyes to see, you would know how to spot one. Now the ancestors agreed that a young boy has become the chosen one, raised in a village by his guardian.

Warrior on Wheels is the moving story about a boy that runs and plays and suddenly is no longer able to move as a poisonous venom paralyzes his legs. His guardian seeks help from the wise man and the boy has to journey deep into the forest to find the heart tree that will make him better. Guardian an boy get paralyzed by fear for evil creatures are hunting for the warrior. The magic wheels must make a way for the boy to get to his destination.

Warrior on Wheels is a fantastic tale about courageous and tender people in disguise questioning ability and disability through beautiful puppets (the boy gets his extraordinary well studied movements from three actors and the red-eyed monster is really scary). On his way the boy meets a girl who accompanies him for a while but she is too scared to travel further when the darkness sets in. However she gives one of her shiny boots in of the show’s many moments of tenderness. The beauty almost makes you cry.

The guardian’s beating and fearful heart, the pumping heartbeat of the heart tree and the courage the warrior finds within move him forward to overcome even the biggest challenge of his journey, riding uphill to arrive at the tree.

Puppet characters totally come alive in this brave tale. Fear can be a venom. A warrior can overcome. Especially when they are disguised and hidden to the eye.

Inspired by Deirdre’s Amy Gower’s book “Warrior on Wheels”

Directed by Jayne Batzofin

Featuring: Iman Isaacs, Siphumeze Khundayi, Jessica McCarthy, Richard September