Philasande Gijana plays the lead in 'Sipho' on the Drostdy Lawns in Grahamstown on 4 July 2015 at the 2015 National Arts Festival. The show was put on by the Chintsa East Drama group . (Photo: CuePix / Jeff Stretton-Bell)


Seen on July 5, 2015 @ National Arts Festival

Sipho is a heartfelt story of a boy called Sipho who likes to sleep and to sleep and sleep some more. Even when awake as soon as he gets the opportunity he will find a place to lay down his head. This of course gets him into all sorts of trouble, especially when he has to help look after his family and becomes responsible to shepherd the goats.

Sipho’s played by teenagers who like to perform and dare to improvise, given the surprised looks on the director’s face. If one knows the young actors, the humour hits closer home. The re-enacting of parental fight is disturbing at time a can be a bit rude, especially when it gets improvised. But apart from that Sipho is a story that make kids laugh.

Directed by Charlotte Whitehead

Written by Charlotte Whitehead and Tom Muller

Played by Chintsa East Drama