Jaques De Silva performs in Children’s Theatre play ‘LAKE’ at Memory Hall, St. Andrew’s prep School, Leicester Street, Grahamstown, 05 July 2015, at the 2015 National Arts Festival. Devised by Daniel Buckland, Jaques de Silva and Ryan Dittmann and directed by Daniel Buckland, ‘LAKE’ is running for its third year at the Grahamstown national Arts Festival. Photo: Cue Pix/Pearla Berg.


Seen on July 2, 2015 @ National Arts Festival, Grahamstown

Slapstick, shadows, puppets and clownery are great ingredients for a children’s show. Mix them well ad you serve a great feast for the young watcher thirsting for something good.

In this epic adventure Zikkazimba and Dark Laugh bring together all their skills to make you laugh and cry with the absurd situations, slapstick comedy to overcome obstacles.

Lake unfolds like a fairy tale starting once upon a time in a far far far faaaaaaar away land where a king lived. The king had 2 daughters and could not decide which to make queen. So both became queens. One could have children, also twins,  and the other couldn’t, making her the likely villain of the story. The two brothers grew up separated from each other but where brought together when the cloudboys came to collect all the water in the land to satisfy the fury of the queen.

Magnifying use of shadows, very creative use of props, video installations and grotesque masks make for a heartfelt show that only scared the smallest ones away. The big masks put on human bodies were too much too take in for the toddlers. If the bucket only could catch all the tears, some more water would be available in the far away land.

A human story about greed, brotherhood, overcoming and finding ways to be together.

A visual treat.