Taylor Swift – 1989

tumblr_static_29b83yk9r0w0w888wocgs4wgcTaylor Swift (and her fans) comes under a lot of fire. Over the past few years, the world has watched her try and fail at a slew of relationships, which many know she has used for inspirations across her previous four albums.

Perhaps that’s why her fifth studio album, 1989, is so refreshing. It also signals her complete cross-over from a country artist to a (brightly shining) pop star. The album is far less heart-broken-teenager-seeking-vengeance and much more young-adult-discovering-independence.

Swift is said to have indulged her critics in this album, shamelessly owning the fact that she hasn’t had the best luck with love, and that sometimes she’s just in it for the rush. This album was heavily inspired by 80’s pop, which clearly comes through in tracks like Style and Out of the Woods. The beat-laden tunes, such as Bad Blood, are clearly bestie Lorde’s influence on Swift. She also worked with the likes of Ryan Tedder and Imogen Heap when composing the songs for 1989.

Whether you’ve liked her previous work or not, it’s hard to deny that 1989 is hot from the very first track. Her evolution from a curly-haired, boot-wearing, Southern-drawling girl to a red lipstick loving young woman discovering New York is what makes this album her best one yet.

Album: Taylor Swift- 1989 (Big Machine, 2014)