Blogging the Daisies – MGMT

Psychedelic rockers MGMT are making their way to Rocking the Daisies 2014 as we speak. They will be gracing the main stage Saturday evening. Based on previous performances, it is save to assume festival goers can expect hits like “Time to Pretend”, “Kids” and “Electric Feel” to feature in the setlist.

MGMT (formerly known as The Management) hails from Wesleyan University in Connecticut, USA, and is the long time project of the two founding members Andrew VanWyngarden and Benjamin Goldwasser. When at university together, VanWyngarden and Goldwasser would experiment with noise rock and various electronica before settling on their own brand of psychedelic pop-rock.

Their first full-length album, Oracular Spectacular, made them what they are today. It launched them into the mainstream and was tagged by Rolling Stone magazine as the 18th best album of the decade. The song “Kids” was nominated for a Grammy for best pop performance by a group. The second album, Congratulations, was released in 2010 and gathered a lot of media attention. It allowed them to take center stage at world famous indie music festival, Coachella.

They are well known for their exuberant live performances, filled with trippy visuals and grandiose outfits. Expect to be entertained!