Phoenix – It’s Never Been Like That

I’m sure we all have music that we go back to again and again when life seems to be too much.  Music that soothes us and reminds us that whatever we’re going through won’t last forever. For  me Phoenix’s It’s Never Been Like That album is part of that music selection. It is an album that  helped me through a tough time during my high school years when I first bought it, and I have recently been listening to it a lot again. I seem to not tire of it, which is great since I bought it about five years ago.  The album seems to create a world of dreamy soft rock in which I can get lost in for a little while.

It's_Never_Been_Like_ThatAlthough I am a fan of every track on the album “Long distance call”, the single off the album is naturally the highlight track on it. The repetition of “It’s never been like that” during the chorus seems to provide a needed emotional release. My next favourite would be “North”, which is the instrumental on the album, it takes you on an unexpected journey and works really well within the context of the album. Another track worth mentioning is the intro track, “Napoleon Says”, which I would say is the party track on the album.

My only criticism is that their sound on this album can become a bit boring when listening to it in its entirety and their new stuff could be considered more interesting.

Phoenix is also French, which is no surprise as a lot of my favourite musicians, including Gesaffelstein(who just remixed Phoenix’s “Bankrupt!”), share the same heritage.

Phoenix – It’s Never Been Like That (2006, EMI/Virgin France)