Switchfoot – Fading West

lowercase people/Atlantic

Christian rockers Switchfoot are back with a refreshing new sound on their ninth studio album.

Described as “the soundtrack to the film about making the album” Fading West is an ambient and soulful stretch for these surfers. The best thing about this album is the clear influence of world sounds. It was made while filming the accompanying surf documentary of the same name, which followed the band on their 2012 trip around the world that included a stop over in Cape Town (as seen in the music video for the albums first single, Love Alone is Worth the Fight).

McbPJ-300x300_zpsd13e4b2eThe album doesn’t feature Switchfoot’s iconic grungy sound, but is much cleaner, crisper and even more hopeful sounding than any of their previous work. The album is everything a road trip soundtrack should be: infused with a range of eclectic sounds, refreshing rifts and experimental lyrics, especially for such an established and well-loved band.

It is good to see the evolution of Switchfoot, I would even go so far as to say that this is their best album since the 2003 release of Beautiful Letdown, and I suspect that it will be a hard act to follow.

Switchfoot – Fading West (Atlantic, 2014)