Blogging the Daisies: Crystal Fighters

The Rocking the Daisies main stage will this year feature London, UK band, Crystal Fighters. They play an eclectic mix of folk, dance and electronic music. If the above video doesn’t get you excited to dance and embrace the party vibes, I don’t know what will.

Crystal fighters feature a multitude of stylistic influences, resulting in a completely unique style of music. They described their sound as, “the sound that would be created if The Velvet Underground and The Gipsy Kings were to travel back in time the Pyrenees, 1980, and make a record with Skream, Madlib and Luciano on production.”. If you did not completely understand the references, they claim themselves to be a perfect example of world music, and I tend to agree.

Expect to see an ensemble of musical instruments, including timbre, synths, drums, and traditional Basque instruments, like a txalaparta, danbolin, and the txistu. Their sound perfectly combines elements from both traditional Basque  and electronic dance music, showcasing their embrace of both the classical and modern musical styles.

Their latest album, Cave Rave, was released in May 2013, and succeeded in expanding their sound and their audience.  It allowed them to feature on the FIFA 2014 game soundtrack.  The album speaks of embracing life, of love (both the passionate and humanitarian kind), and gives the listener a sense that for a moment, every problem in the world can be solved by holding hands and standing together.  It might seem like idealistic hipster-speak, but the sophistication in their lyrical delivery convinces you that they truly believe in their ideals.