The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

The Grand Budapest Hotel is the latest offering from writer/director Wes Anderson. It turns history on its head as it tells the story of the concierge of the Grand Budapest Hotel in the 1930’s. The story unfolds in three layers and pays tribute to the original author, Stefan Zweig, who wrote the short novel of the same name.

Once again Anderson has lined-up a prestigious cast including many of his regular collaborators such as Owen Wilson, Bill Murray, Edward Norton and Adrian Brodie. In typical Wes Anderson fashion, many of the heavyweight actors who appear in this film are in it for only a scene or two.

Ralph Fiennes stars as the concierge Mr Gustave, giving an outstanding performance as a somewhat flamboyant  custodian of the hotel who gets embroiled in a scandal of epic proportions when a regular patron (played by Tilda Swindon) dies, leaving him her most valuable possession.

gbhheaderOnce again, Wes Andersons hallmark Monty Python-esque animation features in this film as well as his dry characters and writing style. I haven’t been a fan of Anderson’s previous work (with the exception of the Academy Award nominated Moonrise Kingdom, which was simply spectacular)  but The Grand Budapest Hotel was gripping, entertaining and simply marvellous.  It does contain some profanities, violence and images of a graphic nature, but barring that, it was an excellent film, and I hope Anderson can maintain the high standard he has now set for himself.

The Grand Budapest Hotel – Wes Anderson (Scott Rudin, 2014)