20syl – An Incredible French Beatmaker

CULTURESHOCK wants to introduce its readers to the things we like most. One of my favourite producers at the moment is 20syl. Based in France, he has been making beats with various groups for over ten years. The most prominent one being C2C, the four time DMC world team champions. This extended experience shines through in everything he’s been putting out as 20syl, from his bootlegs of Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q to his recently released Motifs EP. 20syl seems to really understand what works and is able to put out hip-hop orientated music that is incredibly refreshing, even in a world saturated with it.

The concept of patterns is a primary theme in his work, hence the name “Motifs” for his debut EP. He tries to make artificial patterns sound natural and organic samples sound digital.

His music video for Kodama (see header), just oozes cool and immerses you right into his world. For a fuller 20syl experience, check out his Motifs EP:

You can follow him at: