MXPX – Aces Up

MXPX’s Teenage Politics was the first punk rock record I ever owned. Without doubt they were the biggest inspiration for my friend and I to start our own punk rock band when we were 14 years old. When Philip and I were at Groezrock (Belgium) a few years ago, we asked Mike Herera if we could do a Pop-Up Song with him. He still had an acoustic set ahead of him and was not sure if his voice was going to be able to do so afterwards.

After the set, however, he invited us backstage. We were going to do the song at the artist village, but thought it would be cool to record it in the van on the way to the village. Mike gave us an acoustic version of “Aces Up”, from their latest album Plans Within Plans. Needless to say, sitting next to Mike holding the recording device while getting a private session was a teenager’s dream come true.

Camera and edit: Philip
Sound: Job